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Hello everyone...I am new to these boards and am hoping that you may be able to help me to help my daughter who has been diagnosed as bipolar. I am no stranger to living with others that suffer from mental illness as I was married for 21 years to a man suffering from depression and anxiety and in my opinion would be considered bi-polar as well. He was on every medication under the sun to try to get a handle on things, but his rages become so abusive that after all of those years together I needed to end the marraige. I've been through my own ordeals as well...but think it has been in trying to live with and help my loved ones.

Both of my now adult children have suffered from depression and anxiety, but it wasn't until about a year and a half ago that my eldest was diagnosed as bi-polar. she took trileptal, prozac and zanex and things really improved for her. She took a year off from school to get a handle on things mentally and medically( she suffers with several physical problems as well) Once things started to come together for her, she went back to college and did very well for a while, stopped taking her medications(which I hear is kind of common) and started slipping back into a place she didn't like before resuming her meds. Around this time, her physical problems and strange fevers and infections started in and she has been quite ill for months. She has been vigilant with her mental health meds and yet she seems worse than ever.

In the past, it seemed that her depression was most prominent, but last night on the phone she was soooooooo manic, that she was becoming breathless and coughing from talking so fast and over me that I was left feeling so worried for her well-being. She knows she is not doing well, but was told by her psychiatrist that she didn't want to fiddle around with her meds until her physical health was in better shape. Geeeshhh...I just feel like there has to be some kind of relief available for her and ughhhh. Her sleep is sporadic and her anxiety level high and she tells me she feels like she is cycling from one feeling to the next over and over and there is nothing that can be done about it because she is still sick.

She lives out of state and I worry so much for her. she has many different doctors and it sounds like she has started to miss those appts. I asked her to please call her psychiatrist today because I thought she would be able to help her in some way with the state she is in. She said No, NO, No...I was already told that she wouldn't change my meds. But...things seem so much worse than I can ever recall, that I can't imagine that her doctor wouldn't do something if only she would call her. I don't know whether she did that or not and I am afraid to even ask her because she may or may not get upset with me. I guess I just wonder what is the right thing to do from my end? do you think I should call her psychiatrist? Although I have never met her, I do have her number.

Sorry for my long post here...I just always feel like I don't know what the right thing to do is in helping my kids. If they were younger, I would step right in, but with them being in their early 20's...well, it complicates things.

Thanks in advance for any advise you may be able to offer....Hope all are doing well.....