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Hi Wendy. I agree with Elmar 100%. In the late 1970's I went through a horrible bout of constipation, depression, crying spells, dry skin,etc...Dr's answer to that was "have a baby, you'll feel better" (20 years later I look back at my files--we moved so brought files with me--lo and behold I was hypothryoid and was not treated. I actually recall his office calling me at work to come in and have it retested but then they said it was okay????)NOT
Anyway, I digress...continue on, it's now 1986, my dad has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer so it was a very stressful time, I became very anxious, diarreha, etc etc and was eventually hospitalized 8 weeks for anxiety neurosis with OCD tendencies and plunked on many drugs. (Oh, and by the way, I have 2 children by this time and oh, it didn't make life wonderful!!!) Life goes on, things are still crappy but am drugged now and a thyroid cyst is discovered which they drain and then put me on high doses of Elxtroxin to suppress the cyst. A thyroid uptake scan shows a huge portion of my thyroid not working.

Between high doses of Eltroxin and the multitude of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds...I'm now going completely bonkers...WAAAAAY OVERMEDICATED
but no one will listen. Anxiety continues, so does depression.

In 1995 we move, my new Dr. switches me to synthroid and starts lowering the dosage. Eventually I become so hypothyroid but he won't listen 'cause I'm "in the range" . Nodules are now being looked at by a surgeon but don't seem to be growing so nothing done (gee, do you think they're the problem?)so I switched Dr.'s --one who I'd heard uses desiccated thyroid. After getting dosage fairly stabilized, I slowly weaned myself of ALL ANTIDEPRESSANTS/ANTI-ANXIETY MEDICATION. Suprise.

Now, to the present....my thyroid nodules started to produce too much hormone , I see an Internist who explains everything and says "I bet you've had a rocky past 20 years or so with those nodules". CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!! He hit the nail on the head...but I'd be treated for psychiatric problems all this time.

Since trying to control toxic multi-nodule goiter with Tapazole is not successful, I had the choice of surgery or RAI. After two consults with my surgeon (he did my mastectomy in 2002 and is the best in Southern Alberta, Canada) I decided to have RAI. I didn't wait the typical 8 weeks after RAI to have bloodwork done because I could feel I was already HYPO. Now I'm playing the adjusting game and the Internist said it could take 2 years of ups and downs.

Sorry for the long winded post, it's just I get very bitter when I think of how little most dr's know of thyroid disease; although to their credit, tests are constantly changing and improving but I wish they'd listen. They're so quick to say "it's all in your head". I'm not saying I don't have anxious tendencies, but my thryoid I'm sure was the underlying culprit.

I can remember at one point, when I was on PROZAC ever so briefly, I walked into the pharmacy, anxious, shaky and my glasses slipping down on my nose I was perspiring so much saying 'THIS CAN'T BE NORMAL???'

All I know is I did not survive Breast Cancer thus far to be bamboozled by the thyroid game. I'm so thankful for this forum. It has given me hope (atleast today, when I'm not totally depressed hahah).

Good luck