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I had a PA in college 35 years ago in college. Spent about five years in talk therapy and came to the brilliant conclusion that thoughts cause anxiety and panic. Just learning that much has been a Godsend. For 19 years kept me productive and afloat. Problem is I began to obsess about thoughts. What is a thought? Do I know what a frightening thought is? Do others have frightening thoughts? What if I can't remember examples of frightening thoughts? And on and on. Sounds so silly, but that is the nature of my Pure O OCD. I call it "The Puzzle."

In 1989 I was told it was OCD. Remember in the 70's I don't know if the term was in the psychiatric lexicon. I was told it was chemical. Did CBT and Prozac. For 17 years the Prozac was fantastic. Long periods of symptom free living. Then this past May it pooped out. Increased dosage all the way up to 80 mgs a day. Made my anxiety levels soar. Prozac Poop Out. Switched to Lexapro three months ago. It hasn't helped much. 20 mgs also increased anxiety levels. I am currently tapering. At 10 mgs. OCD and anxiety actually seem tolerable. But still dizzy and confused at times.

Pdoc suggests we switch to either Luvox or Zoloft. My research says Luvox. Few prescribe it, However,it seems to get favorable reviews for those who take fluvoxamine.

1) Any of you obsess ONLY about fear of panic and or anxiety?
2) Luvox or Zoloft?
3)Any of you find success on, relatively, low dosages of SSRIs. I went years with success on only 20 mgs of Prozac. Higher dosages don't seem to agree with me. However, the common wisdom is you need high dosages for OCD.

My first post on this fine forum. Thanks in advance.
Hi there,

I have to say I am taking Luvox and it is helping me some. I just went up to 100mg taking one everynight. The thoughts are still there but as I have heard the thoughts dont go away 100% with meds. I really havent experienced any bad side effects and I hate side effects so I always look for them.

When you were on the Prozac did it take you thoughts away completely? Or did it make them so they were tolorable?
Thanks everyone!
I found therapy to be very unsatisfying. Like anything else, everyone is different. My understanding is Pure O is more difficult to deal with with CBT. It turns out I have been virtually practicing the CBT ,in my own fashion ,for all of this time. OTOH, the Prozac was so effective I could go weeks or months virtually symptom free. That's why I will continue the quest for the proper SSRI to replace the Prozac. 17 years of virtual OCD bliss is hard to set aide. I have come to the conclusion that I am very sensitive and simply need low doses. 100 mgs of Luvox is considered low for OCD.

I have added Klonopin to the mix. A very small dose (less than 1 mg per day) to deal with SSRI side effects. I find them very helpful. I have been thinking that if a low dose of Luvox agitates me I may just drop the SSRIs and use Klonopin as needed. It definitely has helped me. However, I hope to find the correct SSRI. They are considered a safer long term treatment than the benzos. However, I do believe there is too much fear spread about their use. If you have no history of substance abuse and listen to your doctor and don't exceed their prescription you should be fine.