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Well I posted last week and Ive been without any vicodins for a week now. I took ultram form awhile, but always had the muscles relaxers to fall back on for sleep and to help with spasms, pain, ect. Ive have been doing really good...........................

Then today, Wednesday, I took 2 Soma when i woke up. ( ive taken them 2 at a time for as long as ive been taking them with out any effect) Today they messed me up. Was slurring and staggering. My husband blew up about this we got in an arguement. So to show him I didnt need anything, I flushed ALL my meds down the toilet, and have been wanted to kill myself since. I was doing very well. I had planned on not going to get my refills. I seem to have this need to feel high though, and the muscle relaxers did at least a little.

I even threw out my prozac. What the hell happened today. I had just got my refills last nigh for the soma, and last week for the zanaflex. Now I have nothing. He told me he was going to leave me. I didnt know what else to do to prove to him I was ok. NOw I cant go to sleep at all, and Im hurting sooooooo bad. Rememeber I was taking meds for legit pain, and the tylanol PM just isnt cutting it. I am so angry with him and myself. I dont know what to do. PS I havent taken any ultram in 2 days.