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I think I am the only one who has been responding to you who has Yaz experience, not sure. Yaz was approved by the FDA for the treatment of PMDD in Oct. It was tested in a controlled clinical trial and the results were pretty amazing. No, it does not work for everyon, but if you are really suffering it might be worth a try. Also, it has helped me with all of the symptoms you describe. I have severe PMDD. I have been hospitalized a few times for it. None of the antidepressants nor any of the herbal or other treatments has every really helped. Prozac helped for some for limited amounts of time but it has some pretty serious side effects. Lastly, all birth control pills list the same side efects in term sof blood clots, bloating, depression, all of it. One must talk to one's GYN about all of this and figure out if one is a candidate for Yaz or any BCP. Much depends on the individuals medical history. I am wondering if you do not believe that Yaz could work for you then why are you asking. I mean, why bother?

There are other treatments. The only way to find out if they will work for you is to try them. Also, get the help of a good GYN. If you don't like the Yaz it is easy to stop taking it.

Have you tried doinga google of Yaz. There are many boards like this one out there and many of them have women on them talking about PMDD and Yaz.

I would include websites and other things for you but as I understand it, I am not supposed to do that.

Aside from the Yaz the only things that help me are regular, daily aerobic exercise, diet changes like limited salt and sugar with many good complex carbs low on the glycemic list, and an anti-anxiety medication called klonopin.

I wish you the best