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I thought the same thing about the detergent,perfumes and all so tried and changed different brands but maybe not detergent??? I may have to try that one.... But I rarely take baths... no time. I havent heard I've trying a brand for babies skin or douching with perioxide?? I used to douche than my doc said not too so since all this havent. I want to the doc. and she gave me the 1 pill to clear it but this time 2 of the them and than I see her in a week. I lost weight so my clothes are not tight and I have silk undies but know about the cotton so just weat those.... I am just so confused... and its always RIGHT before my period..

I am gradually getting off of 100 mg of lamical and going to 15 mg of abilify, not due to this but my pdoc believes it will help with depression better. Plus on 400 mg of Topamaz and right now 40 mg of Celeza which she is thinking of swithing to 10 mg of Prozac, due to bad PMS and the depression. :confused: