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How about Prozac, have you tried that one ??
[QUOTE=cvoor;2758827]How about Prozac, have you tried that one ??

I havn't tried it. my doctor has prescribed this as a back up med if I don't do well off celexa.

Have you tried this med?
Well, I went 4 days and then the doctor put me back on 10mg for the next week and then to 5mg for week and then try again to come off. He thinks I might need to taper off a bit slower. He mentioned that the next time I come off Celexa (in 2 weeks) it will tell us if it was the withdrawls or it just might mean that I need an SSRI. The back up plan is Prozac. Any feedback on that?

My withdrawl symtoms were I was so tired my eyes would not open and I could not stop crying. Complete zombie and felt like I was walking in dream.

My anxiety didn't come back during those days but boy did I feel awful.
i still feel awful. Tired and bloated.

Wondering if anyone can give me some advice.

Will feel like hell the next 2 weeks or do you think the Celexa will kick back? I hate this and I really need some one to talk to about this.

Thanks for any time you can spare.