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Hello all,

I am 21 and have had trichotillomania since I was 12. OCD and anxiety run in my family but I'm the only with this added bonus. I have no eye lashes left. When they start to grow in, I am met with the ungodly urge to pull them out. It's an anxious, obsessive feeling I can barely fight.

I recently realized that my urge to pull is strongest whenever I sit down to read. As a college student this is pretty difficult to deal with - I procrastinate my work a lot and can barely get anything done because often when I go to read I am just overwhelmed by anxiety and the urge to pull. Of course after I do I feel even worse.

I've read that taking medications for ADD are the absolute worse thing for trichotillomania. However I have been taking ritalin for a few weeks now and can actually focus on my work without being distracted by the urge. I am jumping from antidepressants trying to find the right one. I am starting Prozac to help deal with the anxiety.

But I am wondering if anyone else particularly feels the urge to pull at certain times, during certain activities, and if ADD medication has helped you focus on what you want to do instead of the compulsion to pull.

I know this isn't strictly ADD - but there's no trich board here. I'm interested to hear about your situations.