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i was on prozac for 15 years (eating disorder)[COLOR="Black"], then came off it. had bad withdrawals but didnt start, until it was too late and my body's chem seemed to change... i had bad candida and couldnt eat anything without reactng to it, ANYTHING. anyhoo, tried taking prozac again and flipped out (or would i have anyway?) anyway, i got really paranoid and couldnt think straight ((or would i have anyway?). and i wouldnt even leave the house, i got scared of everything, i didnt look after hygeine etc. (still dont) . took an overdose of sleeping pills which made me believe i was invisible..
anyway, i also started repeating myself and asking REALLY childish questions. i looked like i was on drugs "dazed and confused" on prozac (or (or would i have anyway?) i couldnt make any decisions either (still cant) all of this still applies at this point. ended up on celexa but it didnt really help. and i was put on abilify but at that point i couldnt even see! i am now living with my grandparents. i have also become really aggressive and angry, i sit there screaming at my grandparents and cant believe its me saying these things. i also call my friends repeatedly even if they say not to (need reasurance?) could i have schiz?
or have i just completely flipped out? how can i tell if its me or the drugs??
have the option of going back on prozac. dont know what to do :(
i still wont go anywhere, eat all day (despite food intolerances and candida) and even almost dislocated my grandfathers arm. i was never angry in my life and now i am acting completely nuts :(
i feel like i haveno thoughts or emptions. i treat muyself like rubbish. my psych thinks i am just depressed when i tell him my mind is blank. i wish i never gave up the prozac in the first place! i knew withdrawals were bad but i never thought i would end up as crazy as this. especially since i dont know what is causing my symptms - withdrawal of the drug or the drug itself or me just going nuts. i even wwould walk up to people on the street and ask dumb questions like if i coud use their phone etc.
help! i mean i am acting more like i am demented than any mental illness..

whats wrong with me! do i just stay off the drugs and see if its that? (though prozac would stay in my system 7 months for some reason...)