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[QUOTE=Sannah;2777483]Lopey, Dr. Michael Compain is in Albany, NY. He sounds just like the doctor that my daughter and I go to.

what did the doc do for you?(how did he treat you?) also, how can i tell the difference between side effects of meds (eg prozac- paranoia, etc:dizzy: ) versus me just being strange??
sannah, thanks for sharing. how was her leaky gut treated? what food allergy symptoms did she have? do you have to have the shots every day? i used to be on the shots but i dont have access to them anymore :(

i have nystatin powder for the yeast. but my diet is rubbish so it probably wont help! :(

i really dont know what to do re: psych meds, i only went back on them because i thought it was withdrawal but then they seemed to make me loopy (prozac). then they were pushed on me because i was acting loopy. any ideas? but i know stopping the, can make you loopy too!

and to top it off i react very strongly to hormone shifts. even when i was not bleeding i could tell when i was ovulating etc.

i dont even know what i can eat anymore. i just constantly feel like rubbish.
i cant even look after myself anymore and am living with my grandparents.

:blob_fire [COLOR="Red"]any thoughts on the first step??

i have an appointment with jeanne hubbuch (closer to boston) in march. but ideas before then??

i cant be;lieve this all strted with some antibiotics (why i gave up the prozac, dumb idea) and i didnt treat the yeast in time before developing food intolernces. now my life is in tatters.
hi sannah, thanks for sharing. do you have any ideas whether i should continue on the prozac or celexa? i am worried i am reacting differently to it because of my lgs. also, i am having trouble with bingeing, is there any hope for me??