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my son is 20 and bipolar..he too takes lithium, klonopin for anxiety and he is also taking prozac now for a couple of weeks. he also suffers from depression. he is doing well on the lithium. but he felt like he needed an antidepressant . i got kinda nervous when he went on prozac because i wasnt sure how he would react. hes been on just antidepressants before and had an episode which i guess triggered his pdoc to put him on lithium. maybe your husband should try lamictal. i hear so many good things about it on this board. do you ever go to his pdoc sesssions? i dont know, i think its important for family members to be able to talk to pdocs about the person they are living with. am i wrong? i know all about the hipa privacy laws. but if they have the patients ok than they will speak to you. good luck and keep posting!!