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Hi everyone! I am 46 and about 4-6 months ago my periods really got HEAVY. They only last for 1-2 days then that's it..nada. Then last month I freaked out pre-menstrual with major anxiety, insomnia (which makes the anxiety worse), trembling hands, nausea, lost 5 lbs (I like that part), no appetite, diziness, and flushing of my whole body down to my feet. (I heard hot flashes were from chest to head?) Anyway, the symptoms lasted 2 weeks and then I was fine for 10 days. Then it came again last week and is a little less severe due to Prozac 20mg a day, but in the last 24 days I have had 2 periods, and now the one that started yesterday is very light! I feel like I am losing my mind and this ringing in my ears is driving me crazy. Has anyone else had all this? My doc has done every test including thyroid and all are negative (no hormone tests though) and is putting me on Seasonale starting Sunday which will only give me periods 4 times a year. Has anyone used the pill the help symptoms? I am a single Mom and can't function like this all the time :) My doc gave me Xanax too but I hate it, so I just take a little swig of Benadryl and it does the same thing.

Any help and advice is much appreciated! Thanks!!!! Suz