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Hi there, haven't posted in a while. was waiting for seeing the psyciatrist. well they put me on prozac and think I do not have bi polar which I have had at least five years.

I have been on depakote and clonozapam about 2 yrs, and finding them not to be good meds for me, just side effects, not really fixing the moods, weight gain and making me irratable.

I was told by a few people here that Seroquel and Topamax together are great? I was trying to get on that.

the doc only wants to change one thing at a time so figured Prozac would help and that if I DO have BP then wont cause a manic or depressive episode?

My mood has been better the last month before that I was ready to throw in the towel. I have tried really hard to have a better outlook, also I am not working and have had a lot of people calling about jobs so that helps me feel like I am worthy of ... something!

can anyone advise about Prozac, pros and cons, as well as any other BP meds that help, mood stabilizer and anti psychotic which I am on but want to change the actual medicine?

thanks so much

thanks for the advice , tsohl. I know I dont want to be on depacote or clonazapam and they wont take me off until I go back in 6 weeks.

this guy basically asked me some questions and without knowing me thinks i am more depressed than anything else. That is what a lot of people thought until a few years ago I found the right doc, but then I moved to UK....

I do have tendancy to be more depressed than the higher states of mania where you feel eurphoric and he thought because my eating and sleeping is 'fine' (ummm since when does NEEDING 15 hrs a night good? not if you want a life!)

a lot of it is circumstancial issues, like no job, but in the back of my head its gonna be there somewhere needing to be stabilised regardless ...

well when I go back I am seeing someone ELSE! so I will make them go over my records of when I was in US and got treated for BP. and also mayI add that depakote when I just got my blood test results is doing something bad to my blood lipids. I cant say what as that is the extent of the letter my pcp doc gave me, she is so dumb . all the doctors in england seem to be dumb, but its free healthcare so thats what you get.

well also if anyone else knows about what meds are good combos for a mood stabilizer and or anti psychotic - and what does prozac have for side affects? thanks again!

Hi again!

Uk is temporary! hubby is applying for US spouse visa as soon as we get me a job! or if he makes a little extra with commission... then I can go back to the docs I am used to and LOVE!

i was on lithium and hated it, and basically do not want anything to make me gain weight or feel sick.

I sort of have to stay on Prozac until they see me again april 12th. But I sorted out my doctors records of the past 5 years of my pscyciatry notes.. and we are dropping them off as soon as we make copies so they can read and understand my history. the new lady I am seeing will hopefully be better than this guy I saw who seemed to be nice but not help the issue.

they wont listen or take me off the meds that are not working (everything!)
Clonazapam is very addictive but I need a substitute and I have been told a few others instead of Depakote are lamactil, tegatrol, and topamax and my brother is on Geodone. (not sure what that one does)
he had a lot of weight gain issue too with depakote and then had a liver problem which almost killed him!
so I dont think I want to be on that one!

My friend was on seroquel and liked it. Basically am trying to find 2 meds similar to what I am on (mood stabilizer and anti psychotic NOT anti depressant)

well my lows usually stay that way and I get back to normal. I have BP2. and I forget how I feel and need an objective opinion. sounds dumb but on a day to day I honestly cant reemember. Also have insomnia, (last week stayed up till 5 am all week) finally slept 16 hrs by skipping a night of sleep and forget to tell the doc! I am very scatterbrained!

so my hubby is coming with me to next appt to make sure he can say the differences I forget or from being on anti depressant or any thing else he notices by living with me.

Also thinking of taking an adhd and new bp test online and showing them the results...
I was diagnosed as along with BP I had ADHD and OCD tendancies....

ok well thanks for your help. do you think I should repost under a new name to find out some names of drugs to research?

I am not feeling manic lately, but maybe you know that can change quick! also when I was not sleeping this week I threw a fit on the floor at 3 am screaming and hating hubby that He got to sleep!

so I do still need something and dont want to wait 6 weeks. should I say I am not getting refills so change my meds? I dont think that will work but I am resolved to play their stupid game!


I have done a lot of research of anti-depressants lately, looking for one myself that has few side effects. Yea right! I may not get one at all and suffer. Anyway, what I would tell you, is to start with the lowest dosage possible!!!! I read some articles on it and how dr.s just start around 20mgs because that is what was tested.....on adult males. They found that 54% of people did great on 5 mgs. We are being overmedicated and our bodies are freaking. So start low on anything you take!!!!!!!

Good luck. We all need it.

PS--I took Prozac about 10 years ago and it made me insane and I was cutting on myself and suicidal and just nutso. They also had me on Paxil and Luvox, at the same time though...idiots. I took myself off of them. I have considered trying it again....but at a very low dosage because I am ultra-sensitive to...everything.