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I'm a mother of 6 children my oldest boy has started having strange behaviors for the last 2 years it started with not being able to sit still and not listening almost like anger issues and losing focus to praying every 5 min out of a day
to talking to himself and pulling his teeth out for money. so I got him involved with a organization that is aimed toward children with minor behavior issues etc.. the psychatrist diagnosed him with severe obssesive compulsive disorder. he was put on prozac to stop talking to himself and praying. in aug 06. In dec. he said that he needed help he was seeing things and suicidal i noticed that he was having intense mood swings and losing intrest in his personal hygeine. he was put on riperidol the lowest dosage and diagnosed with psycotic episodes. in feb of 06 the physical aggression started trying to hurt members of the family we all thought this was behavior and no mental illness. he finally opened up to me and said that the thoughts in his head are bad saying that God is bad and the devil is good and that he's going to hell he says that these are not voices but he's thoughts that he can't control and he sees bad pictures at times that he can't stop and that he thinks he's going to hell for his thoughts and he can't stop them. were not sure how much of what he says is for attention or what actions he can and can't control or even how to dicipline him we need help bad! He's now on 6 mg of risperidol a day and was diagnosed with sz and there is a strong family history of it. please help:blob_fire