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Juiced -

I second that!! Meds should be taken as a last resort and only when clearly needed. I'm completely done with meds. I've been off of Prozac for just over a month, and while my sleep isn't the greatest, it's soooo nice to have emotions again and a sex drive. I'm lovin' it!!

Studio -

I was on various meds for eight years. I tried several before finding what worked for me (Prozac). I used to call the changing of the meds 'the medication merry-go-round', and at the time, I didn't think I'd ever be able to stop riding it. I actually started therapy first for post-traumatic stress disorder, but later I had to go on meds because I was just a basket case. The meds served their purpose when I needed them and now I don't feel I need them anymore. I'm still in therapy, though, dealing with other things.