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I feel much better today after talking with my pcp. He was with me for about 40 minutes and LISTENED to me. Although all of my thryoid labs have come back neg. He believes I have thyroiditis, possibly early stages, even though I've been going through this for 6 months. He said I have "textbook" thyroid symptoms. Sadly, he was concerned more about the weight gain:mad: I delivered full term twins and weighed just 5 pounds heavier than I do now.:eek: He reran full thyroid panel including free t4 and t3. He also ordered a thyroid uptake scan. At least I feel like he is diligently searching for a diagnosis. He also doubled my dose of prozac and lorazepam to help with the anxiety. I will check back in a few days. Thanks again to all that have responded to my questions. This site has really been a lifesaver!!!!:angel:

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