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I have six kids and my oldest boy has been having problems for the last year with praying constantly and talking mumbling to himself at least every five min. the psychatrist diagnosed him with obssesive compulsive disorder and put him on prozac. things got worse in dec of 06 he asked for help saying he's scared and seeing things. the doc. put him on risperidol the lowest dosage I noticed lack of care with his personnel hygeine and severe mood swings. in feb 07 he had violent outburst trying to hurt members of the family and talking a lot about suicide. we all thought this was just a behavior issue and no mental illness. then the counslor told him if this continues you'll go to jail at 9 yes my son is 9. that night he was balling and a mess he opened up to me for the first time in 2 years. he said he's scared of hell and that he can't control his thoughts he doesn't hear voices his thoughts tell him that God is bad and the devil is good and that he is going to hell and when he closes his eyes he sees bad pictures he is more jumpy and can't sit still and very argumentative sometimes there is no dealing with him and how do we discipline him and how much of his actions can he control and what can't he control. he says that he can't make the thoughts stop and then he has to pray even harder to God for what his thoughts said and it's a cycle. He says mom I'm living a sad life and just want to die often. what are the early signs of sz and I think I'm in denial I guess I don't belive it is sz just a bad behavior. the psychatrist did diagnose him with sz and put him on 6 mg. of risperidol a day and nobody really knows what to do he constantly fights with his brother chris. chris fears for his life and they share the same room It's like he gets a rise out of making chaos in the house but how much of that is a mental illness? he also says that he is scared of ghosts and curtains he also pulls his teeth out for money even when they are not ready he's only said to me that he's seen a red guy 1-2 lately i need advice for my whole family and how to help him.