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Hi my name is Jackie Moore I have already posted on a few other boards trying to get some advise on what to do about my low Thyroid.
The first of Febuary I took a leave of absence from my job because I was just so tired, my skin was so dry it's peeling, my hair is so brittle, my hands face and feet swell to where I can't get my shoes on.
I went to my G.P. and he done some blood test's I went back to see him this past wednesday and he told me I have low Thyroid but he didn't want to put me on anything,he said it would do more harm then good then he tell's me to come back in a month and he will check my blood again and if it's still the same he will think about putting me on something.
Then he tell's me he want's to check me for Lymes Diease and Lupus?
I don't get it, I tried to tell him that Im depressed and tired beyond beleife I have no intrest in anything all I want to do is sleep.
I have been on prozac for years so it's not that and my thyroid is low so what should I do now?
How many doctors do I have to go to, to get them to listen to me?
Can anyone suggest maybe a herbal treatment or herbal supplement for hypothyroid that amybe I can get at GNC or some place like that?
Thank you so much for any kind of advise you can give me.
Jackie Moore
I'm glad you're ditching that stupid MD. Your thyroid is low... low enough to treat... NOW. If the next doctor won't do anything about that, move on. There is someone out there who will know what to do about it, and with persistence, you'll find him/her.

There is even somewhat of a possibility that you wouldn't have needed Prozac for all those years if someone had discovered this when it started.

I once read an article written by a doctor who says that low thyroid goes unrecognized so often - especially in women - that it takes an average of 6 consultations for poor health before it's diagnosed! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it won't take you that long! :)

Be sure to let us know what happens!