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ticker is right on,this child really does need a very full total and complete evaluation done soon.since he is only ten,he can be placed into a good adolescent behavioral health facility.this works much better as far as placement if it is actually done during a real crisis he is having.they tend to take it much more seriosly.or even if you have to involve the police,it will help believe me.as you can probably tell,i have been thru this with my youngest son.it does appear your nephew has at the very least,just from some things you have described,a certain level of bi polar disorder.the fact that he also has learning disabilities just really complicates an already bad situation.my heart truely goes out to you and him and all that you are dealing with,i know it can take its toll on you,it did me.

you need to make some calls to various facilitys and find one that has a good track record for treating kids.my son was finally dxed when he was placed(for the third time but in different places because of lack of bed space,another huge issue for kids with mental health issues)in probably THE best mental health facility with a great doc who understood what it was my son actually had.his bi polar disorder was actually created BY the use of prozac,believe it or not.its called bi polar III and believe me,alot of docs and even mental health docs are not even aware this exists.the prozac actually creates this disorder in certain children who just for some reason do not react right from it.my son had no,i mean none at all, bi polar type symptoms before starting the prozac to treat what was depression symptoms that were mostly brought on from a horrid experience with total liver failure and transplant.he went thru hell with that and also had a certain level of a post tramatic syndrome.

this drug took a really wonderful caring funny and truely all around great kid and changed his personality into something really ugly and the anger?wow it became explosive at times where i would have to call the police to help intervene,luckily the cops in our city really appear to understand mental health issues and always handled things so well with my son.but his personality,his normal funny caring personality was just gone,totally gone for almost a year.the bi polar II dx really just confirmed what i had already suspected was the underlying reason for his total change.the thing is,any SSRI when given to children or even adults can in some cases,even bring out a bi polar that was underlying,but in kids,it can actually create it completely by itself.no one in either side of our families has ever had any kind of actual mental health or mood disorder,none.so his doc really strongly felt that it was indeed the prozac and the other SSRIs we tried.they finally got the message at the old FDA and now when anyone actually gets an Rx for any SSRI,you also get a couple of pages of info about warnings of just exactly what occured with my son.honestly,reading thru them is like they lifted that info right out of my sons medical files,its that accurate.

the best possible thing you can do for your nephew is to get him placed for a full eval.my sons was extremely comprhensive down to them actually doing an MRI on his brain just to be certain there was nothing else there that could be causeing problems,and this was all done after we were given the bipolar dx,they just wanted to be really really thorough,and it took about almost three weeks to complete.he stayed there the whole time for testing.this IS the type of long in depth full eval your nephew just has to obtain in order for his docs to really identify all of the possible contributing factors for his behavior.he HAS to have this not just a 72 hour hold for observation.believe me we went theru that stupid thing too.my son finally got into that hospital and Dxed and honestly,within just a few days of his brain not being constantly slammed with SSRIs,we could actually see our "normal" caring son start to emerge from all the blackness that was there for like a year.it really was amazing to see and talk with him during the time the SSRIs were finally being dissapated from his brain and system.the change really was like night and day once those damn SSRIs were stopped the very first day our son was admitted.amazing.he still has to take a mood stabilizer since he still has the depression and cannot be treated by standard methods because of the reaction to them and he still has some anger issues but we are working to help him deal with that.

you just need to keep pushing and pushing til someone listens and just does the right thing.i know its hard espescially when his mother should be doing this not you.i think she is completley in denial and needs one hell of a big wake up call and a good solid kick in the *** to wake her the heck up and take responsibility for her child.it can just be soooo overwhelming at times.she also needs a good therepist to help her to deal with all of this.i HAD to start seeing a good therepist as everything was so totally making me crazy.believe me,it was the best move i ever made just for me,and my mental health while dealing with alot of major medical problems with myself and then dealing with all of our sons.this is most definitely needed for his mother too.

but getting this child evaluated in the appropriate facility really is your number one priority with regards to doing the best possible thing for him and for you.i wish you all the luck in the world with this.i do know what you are going thru and how difficult this can be.hang in there and if you need help just hollar,i am usually hangin out here in the mornings,K?he also really does need to be hooked up with a county social worker who can help tons with that kick in the *** regarding his mother?she has a responsibility to her child that she has completely dropped on you,that should be HER responsibility.she brought that child into this world and owes it to him as his mom to just take care of him and love him.the county WILL be very helpful with this as far as giving direction and noting her negligence.but that eval is crucial soon.take care and please keep me posted,K? FB