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I cannot stress enough to always get copies of your labs. Most docs really don't know how to diagnose thyroid unless you are over the top hypo because they still use the old outdated guidelines.

Yes, anxiety and depression can definitely be hypo. When I was first getting sick with hypo these were two of my horrible symptoms, never had either one in my life. I literally thought I was going to lose my mind. Got prozac and xanax thrown at me. Refused the prozac but did end up having to use the xanax to sleep because I had started having horrible sleep problems as well.

You will need to find a good doc and endos are not the way to go. They treat only by labs and very rarely listen to symptoms. I got laughted at by the only endo I tried and never went to another.

When you get labs post them here and someone will be able to help to figure things out. Jenny is correct, make sure you get the Free T3 and Free T4, alot of docs only order the regular T3 and T4 unless you specifically ask.

Good luck