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Hi all,

My daughter is 18 and needs help. She has had depression for several years and was put on prozac. It helped a little but there was a slow weight gain. Then she unfortunately got a depo provera shot for birth control and the weight gain was dramatic, about 30 plus pounds in 3-4 months. She won't do another shot and has stopped prozac but I just had her thyroid tested because a friend suggested it and these are the results. We have appt. with specialist next week but the nurse told me it looked like hyper with these results which does not sound right. My daughter is also itching terribly and has some hair loss. Any information/suggestions would be helpful so I can go into this appointment with some knowledge. I have lost faith in doctors and am wondering of this depo shot caused all this, unfortunately the doctor never tested her before giving her the shot. Anyone know how to make sense of these results????
T3 total - 246 H
T3 uptake - 21 L
T4 free - 1.1
free T4 index (T7) - 2.7
TSH - 2.53