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I'm taking prozac for anxiety and ocd. Xanax for GAD. The prozac synergizes the xanax, however prozac has such a long half life it decreases the therapuetic index of all kinds of other drugs. It uses the CYP2D6 enzyme. As far as i understand, there is only so much of this enzyme, so while it's busy breaking down the prozac, it's limited to other metabolisms. All this to say, if I take vicodin, I have to take a lot. Before prozac 10-15mg of hydro or percocets would have me out of it, now it's easily double or tripple, and I rarely use it.
I had some severe arthritis problems in the past, they loaded me up on so many pain pills, which didn't even work, but after a while - they were nice. A little to nice. So now I always have my eye out for some. I don't crave them like "i have to have them" but if i had the opportunity (supply) i would be on them nonstop. I don't really like having this over my head.
Also, back to the prozac, it sux because when i have legit pain the vicodin hardly works. I'm on 40mg a day of Prozac, used to be on 20, then 30, i keep asking the dr for more because it seems to really help with otc. Anyways if anyone has any input or similiar experiences please reply back.