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He may give you a sermon on smoking - but that doesn't cause thyroid problems. However - my endo did tell me that when you have Graves disease - which is hyperthyroidism - it can increase the pressure behind your eyes and cause them to bulge - giving you the Graves Opthamology. That was another reason I went for the surgery - because I am a smoker and witht he radio active iodine solution to kill off the thyroid - they found that the Graves opthamology tends to show up more often. So I just did the surgery instead. You will find out if you are hyper or hypo by the blood test. A super low tsh - and high t3 or t4 means you are hyper and a high tsh and lower t3 and t4 will generally mean you are hypo. My tsh was a negative number and my t3 was 18. Which was very high and they were suprised I was not in what they call a thyroid storm. I knew I had lost 15 pounds without trying, shaking like a leaf, my voice was rough and scratchy and shaky, felt unsteady on my feet - like out of balance - lots of eye twitchig and blurring - felt at times like I was going absolutely crazy - like screaming because of the agony I was feeling inside - very irratible - moody - suprising unable to cry - which was wierd - got lots of sties in my eyes - wide awake at 3:00am when I knew I was dead tired - no periods at all for months - ringing in my ears - choking feeling - really bad. Finally convinced my regular doctor to give me xanax and prozac. Then in June of 2006 when my heart rate raised to about 120 non-stop - even when laying down - I knew there was a problem. However I waited until November to finally ask for help. Was having chest pains at that point. I had went out to the web and put in my symptoms and it pulled up Hyperthyroidism. I took the check list to my doctor and said - look - I have all of these. He ordered the tsh - free t3 - free t4 and said he would give me enderal to help with the heart. 4 days later I was in the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. That is when they told me the results from the lab work my doctor had already done. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days. November 23 - 25 - Over thanksgiving - that sucked. When they gave me tapazole to drop my t4 level - it dropped in one week and I was so hypothyroid I couldn't stay awake. Fell asleep at my desk at work. Then they took me off the tapazole and I was so hyper again within a week they said I had to either do the radio active Iodine to kill off the thyroid or have it surgically removed. Like I said - since I smoke - I went for the surgery to avoid the eye popping out thing. Been feeling really well since the surgery - sore of course from the surgery itself - had trouble with the calcium - but other than that I have felt better than I have in a long time. Of course until today - when my Daddy died. Silly - 38 years old and I still called him Daddy. God - I am a mess now. Please keep me updated to how you are doing. I feel like we are friends now. I am keeping you in my prayers and thank you for keeping me and my family in yours.