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hey. im glad ive been helping :)
greenidme- do you think its possible?? im not into self diagnosing, im embarressed to even suggest anything to the proffesionals cos i dont want to come across as a hypocaundriac. its just this has been on going since i was 14 yrs old-im almost 19 now. it never improves it just moves sideways.im running out of options now.

see, these moods last months at times, and when they ease, im still not happy, im more numb, i function, i dont harm, i dont think about stuff, i just function. thats what i am like now-ive been this way for about 3 weeks now and its not moving. it happened again about 4 months ago, it lasted 3 weeks or maybe more, then i went and took a nose dive into deep deep depression were i kept wanting to overdose and on various occasions was close to trying.

the only thing is, when i was put on prozac back in september, i didnt go manic. i got very anxious and OCD tendecies went nuts, i was very irritable too. but sometimes that just happens with ad's. is it possible to just sink into a deeper depression with the meds instead of manic??

its getting to the point im recognising the cycles, and theyre so fast. i go months of feeling almost dead and on the verge, with a day here and there of of blasting energy, i do the usual, talk to fast for anyone to follow, im full of random thoughts and comments that dont connect, i dont think them up, theyre out of my mouth before ive actualy thought them-weird. i will run and jump about the house, laugh hysterically and last time i through yogourts at the walls in the house bcause i thought it was hilarious and felt like doing something. i look weird when im like this. but it only lasts about an hour at the most-then i slump again. ive had perioids of maybe a week were i feel brighter, i think its all ok, comvionce myself there was nothing ever wrong and begin making mental plans for my career, usually something that wont happen, i then lose interest when the mood is gone.

another thing someone once mentioned here at the boards was psychosis. ive never had that i dont think. someone commented once it could be a sign because every so often when my minds a bit off i start getting like a TV playing in the backround. like i can be sitting thinkng to myself and then i suddenly notice there is a comvesation going on behind that. last time its been a few germans talking of world war 2(i dont know anything about germans and the war), and then a few people arguing about putting fruit in the fridge. it happens now and then but i only notice sometimes.

what do you think?? its just my Ad's never worked, im in therapy alone now and nothing is happening. my docs dont get that i dont control these moods-they control me. i cant tell what ill be like next week. the most anyone ever came to mentioning bipolar was an assessment person who asked if i spent a lot of cach, which i dont really know. i think im just a bit wreckless(i spent £1000 in 8 weeks)

please help, xox