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I had major depression and anxiety as a result of my hypo. Did not know I was hypo until I was already in treatment. I was very anti medication, so I know how you feel. I was first on paxil - was really bad, increased anxiety and was hell getting off - I just did not feel right on it. I asked to be put on a non ssri, tried prozac, but stopped taking it. Was good only for the OCD symptoms I was experiencing. Eventually, put on lexapro 30 mg, then down to 20. After starting levothyroxine, went down to 10. Ihate to admit it, but the
psych med period was a life saver until I was diagnosed and treated for hypo. Lexapro really worked, and I felt pretty decent on it.

Words of wisdom, if you don;t feel right on something, change it.

As far as the anxiety, before the hypo diagnosis and treatment, I found buspar really good, a non benzo. However, it was not strong enough for my anxiety prior to hypo treatment. I tried seroquel and it was good. However, it is a big brain fog, lethargy actor. But, given the choice between constant panic attack and super anxiety (racing thoughts, keyed up body) I did it for a time. Was extremely helpful with sleep - I had not slept properly for YEARS.

I cut back on this as well after hypo treatment.

I was soooo afraid of the seroquel, but it is routinely given to people I understand just as a sleep aid, and is used commonly off label now. Strangely, it had far less weirdness inducing side effect than the anti depressants I tried. Again, heavy on the soporific qualities, however. Depends on your degree of trade off.

I have ativan that I can take as needed and take sparingly.

I must say, overall, the t4 treatment, even though I am not straightened out by any means, significantly cut the anxiety, and with that lifted the depression.

Words of wisdom: very few pure anti anxiety agents are going to come without price. The benzos with abuse and super bad withdrawal, the seroquel and other off label uses of anti psychotics, heavy sleep-inducing. But, you must do what you need to do.

You needn't worry as I did in the past that you will be only these meds forever. Just take what you need for the present until the thyroid issues resolve. It takes time. I am at the very smallest doses of meds and will cut all whenever I can get the right thyroid med adjustment :cool: