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Hi Greeny,

I am very very familiar with GW. We (Austin Tx) have a few
"Blue Hanger Goodwill Outlets" in which GW sells the items from the GW Thrift Stores. I have bought items (clothes, things to mosaic) at extremes ($20 + to 80 bux) - "extreme" as ALOT of clothes & ALOT of items that will take me 5 years to mosaic.

I am not in any meetings or have a pych doc. I have a family practictioner diagnosing me when I told him the prozac was not helping my feelings.
I talked to his nurse on friday to let him know that I have having spontaneous actions causing issues at home and have not heard from them. I will call this a.m because my letter I faxed on friday did not go through.

funny thing happened this weekend while me and my fiance were painting. The original brown paint we agreed on looks like "caca brown", so he went to Lowe's and came home with a "cabana green" which does not look like "hunter or forest green" that we discussed an hour b4 he left to buy it. He did the same thing I did!

thanks for your comments,