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So to make a very long story short, my lil brother is an alchoholic/addict, in and out of rehab, just can't kick. He says he drinks because it makes him feel like he's home, normal, etc. He doesn't feel comfortable with anything good in his life only when he's using, abusing, lying, deceiving, etc. These are his words. He's got addiction and depression in his genes and was horribly and brutally sexually abused as a child. So, add it all up and you got one hurtin little pup. His rehab stints were full of what we all wanted to hear. He knows how to play the game well. He told me today that he's tired of fighting and he's ready to die. I know hes been suicidal in the past but he says that hes too chicken to do it. The Drs in rehab gave him a very mild dose of Prozac but doesn't it seem like he needs more? He doesn't like Drs, just has a very bad attitude towards them. Don't know why. So, what does it sound like? Anyone else dealing with these issues? I assumed the Docs in rehab would do more evaluation but they didn't really do anything. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
Its just such a hard road. He just got out of rehab 2 1/2 weeks ago and started again last night. I seriously doubt that was his first time. Its so aggravating, I just want to shake him. I keep thinking about what its gonna be like when he dies, how its going to affect everyone else. we will never heal from that but I feel like this ongoing hurt and rollercoaster might be worse. His emotional growth is stunted. He's like a little boy. His life has been so full of pain, its just awful. Today he really opened up to me and told me like, the worst stuff you could imagine. It all happened so long ago but its so raw.
Anyway, thanks for the prayers. He needs them, hell, we all do.
I should add that he's been on 10 mg of Prozac 2x per day. Is that a low dose? He says that he can't feel any difference. thoughts??