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Hi Dee-nah,
I really struggle with anger, too. SSRI medication has helped me so much control my rages (zoloft and prozac have been the best so far - but I know that some SSRIs can make Bipolar worse), but I used to just get so angry!! I still do sometimes, but I'm trying to implement some anger management techniques as well, and that helps. But, yes, I can sure give someone an earful, especially if it's someone I am secure with too, or some of my family members - who I have deep seeded issues with anyway over various abuse and not protecting me, etc.... If I feel like someone is verbally or emotionally attacking me, I absolutely lose it. I have discussed Bipolar with my psychiatrist and he doesn't think that I have it, but I still do have a big anger problem. I'm not really sure about Bipolar, but I know it is definiitely part of PTSD.

My psychiatrist told me that the depression and anxiety that I have struggled with over the past 28 years is all rooted in the PTSD. I wonder if PTSD can contribute to Bipolar also? Whatever the diagnosis is, I hope you are getting some good help to work through your traumatic experience of being abused AND the trauma of no one protecting, listening to, or validating you. When it happens as a child, it can really mess with your mind.

Take care,