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Has anyone had any luck with generic Prozac? Brand name worked great for me but my insurance no longer covers it. I tried generic once and it didn't work but I've heard you need a higher dose to be effective. Any experience on this or has anyone heard the same thing about the dose?
Appreciate any info anyone has. Thanks!
I currently take the generic for prozac and it seems to work fine to me but I've never taken the name brand so I can't compare them. Sorry I couldn't be much help. Did you talk with your doc about your concerns?
I will see my pdoc on Monday. I like to go there with a bit of "homework" done. Never hurts to see if anyone else has or has had any experience.
My pdoc is really good about honoring my input. I am lucky!
Thanks for your response- how does the prozac work for you?
Hi Greenidme,
I Just Had To Look At My Sons Prozac, I Didnt Realize It Was Generic. It Took A Few Weeks But It Seens To Be Working For Him.
Along With His Other Med Combo. By Law I Looked Up And Generic Is Suppose To Be The Same. But I Do Know You Can Fight Your Insurance Company. I Did For A Med For My Daughter And With Her Doc And I We Did Get The Insurance Company To Approve It. They Gave Me A Hard Time But If Your Doc Helps By Faxing A Letter To Them Or Calling Them You Should Get What Helps You The Best For You Health And Well Being. So I Would Call You Doc And Your Ins Company And Put In A Complaint. You Should Win.
Good Luck
The difference between prozac and other makes of prozac is the capsule. I told my doctor I couldnt take fluxotine!!? cos it made me too manic, couldnt sleep etc and he said I would be fine with actual prozac and that it was the capsule which has absolutaly no health regulations and can cause side effects.