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Anyone know or have experience of how long meds take to get into the system and start to work? Is it an individual thing? I have been taking 40mg prozac for years and just upped to 60mg a week ago - have experienced no change. I have started taking tegretol and gone from 50 to 150 mg in a week - again no change in depression/rage, except that i feel weird and worse!!:confused:
No not for bp. just the prozac and tegretol. 175 mcg for low thyroid thyroxine and propanolol for blood pressure.
I was just wondering because tegretol is not usually the first mood stabilizer that is tried. I guess I should throw in a disclaimer here!! My info is based on what is more commonly done in the U.S. So take that into consideration. The longer I hang around this board, the more I sense that mental health issues are handled differently in the UK. So, as I was saying, tegretol is not usually the drug of choice as it only works for some people. You need to increase it somewhat slowly or it can cause digestive issues and some people get nauseous from it. A common dosage is to start out around 100mg and slowly increase. It needs to reach a certain level that can be tested in your blood before you will feel it "working." This commonly is between 400-1200mg but some people feel its effect between 200-800mg. 1200mg is pretty much the top dosage for almost everyone. it is my understanding that you don't feel much different until you reach the therapeutic dosage for your body.

As I mentioned, it is not usually tried first, but it is supposed to be good for anger issues and is also given to people who are in detox for alcohol abuse...so maybe it can help you stop drinking.

Are you on the sustained-release tegretol? My 25-year old son takes that along with two other mood stabilizers, lithium and Lamictal....this combination works great for him. He has been episode-free and stable for 2 years on this combination.

I don't know anything about prozac....sorry!
Wow 3 months is a long time. My son was 16 has been on depakote 1500mg and abilify 10mg at night but now he was put on prozac 20mg for 4wks with Klonopin only if he couldnt leave house. He told me he felt weird on prozac for 3wks but psy said say with it because he was depressed. Now he on prozac 40mg and he seems ok he also told me and psy he feels better now on prozac but to me it took long 3weeks. But when asking med question, i always call the psy doc to confirm. I call my sons anytime I need info for my son. We see him every 4-5weeks.
Hope this helps.
sharonamy, dont feel you cant have a partner because of BP. once you are stabilized you can meet the right person as long as you explain it to them. I explained it to Dan when he was just my BF back then, and he stuck around we had a hard time, but I can not do this alone!
I tried Prozac for 4 days and hated it so I cannot help you there, but Tsohl is correct that with meds, you wont feel normal (what is that anyways? he he) until you are at your correct dose.

Let me know how it works, when it does, as that is one of the meds I was thinking of asking as I tried LIthium and Depakote and hate them.

I also think Lamactil might be good everyone says good stuff. And maybe seroquel if I still need one more.

I am American but live in London, so I use NHS for now too. What is a CPN? I thought it was a nurse, so that makes no sense why a nurse would help you with a mental situation. It must not be a nurse right? Maybe that is what it is in USA! But not in UK/
and Tsohl, yes the UK do things very different to the states, why I am finding it so hard, as I already had a diagnosis from 7 yrs ago and now we are going back to the beginning, first they said I was just depressed and need coping skills then said ok try Prozac and no counseling or psychotherapy or whatever kind of help or change in meds. (because they were not working)

well good luck, I hope your meds level works out and you stop feeling anxious and weird. that is how Prozac made me, but worse I flipped out to manic for a month! on and off and I am BPII and don't get manic much!