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I've posted about my 20 y.o daughter's battle with BP disorder. She's really struggled so severely and so, of course have I (the mom). recently she has been on Ablify & Prozac. Total disaster for her as the Abilify just caused such Parkinson like behavior and depression, she had to get off it. She was ideationing suicide all the time whenever anything went wrong--lying to me, telling me she was fine, that classes were fine, she was fine, ect, when she was falling apart. Finally I called her on it and we went together to the pdoc (she has never voided the right for me to go with her to appts) and we had it out in his office. He asked her if she was ready to be hospitalized. She said "Can I be out by Tuesday, I have finals" . He said, "If you go in a psych hospital you might not be out for MONTHS--do you really want to kill yourself or are you just screwing with your mom & friends for attention? Because this has to stop!!!" She 'fessed up that she sometimes used it as an attention getter, but that she does feel awful, always. He offered her her choice of new drugs to try (she's been on practically everything)--finally she said she'd give Lithium a try. She's a few days into it, said she was feeling much better, but then yesterday she thought her purse with her cc cards, wallet and IPOD had been stolen and she immediately became suicidal/hysterical again. Her BF called me and told me she was hysterical and talking about hurting herself again. I tried to talk to her but she screamed at me and was too upset to talk. I told the BF to get some tranqs in her and get her to calm down and I'd try to get her psych doc on the phone. I'm at home trying to decide if I have to call 911 and have her committed which is what her pdoc said was what we'd do the next time she acted this way---and I'm back & forth with the poor BF who is beside himself because she is losing it--finally we decide to have her checked into the hospital---so I get ready to meet them there---because I have to make the $1000 co pay before they'll even take her.....and I get a call from her, she's laughing...."Oh, mom, I found my purse, I left it in my apartment after all! I never had it at all! Isn't that funny?" Actually, no, not very.
So long story short--is this going to be the best I can expect with her on Lithium? I mean, a few days hardly can be the long term indicator, but nothing has worked so far, and I honestly don't think anything ever will. She is more animated, which i guess is better. She had the energy to scream at me last night like this whole thing was my fault, which a week ago she would not have had, so maybe that's good. But does Lithium take time to buld up as other drugs do or is it just basically the same the first time you take it as always? She's also on Prozac for the depression. She moves back home from college in a couple of days. I am not happy about that. She is one miserable kid. Well, adult. Last nights drama was seriously the end. I cannot take another episode like that. If she cannot handle something as petty as the loss (ok, possible theft) of an IPOD and she is going to actually kill herself over it, how in the world is she ever going handle real life??
Yes, she is in therapy, (5th one). No one can seem to help her. How do I handle this? Anyone on Lithium who actually feels ok? At what point do I take her suicide threats for real? Last night she was literally 20 minutes away from being committed. Over an IPOD. That's just sad.
Welcome Liz49,
I Am Mslainie And This Is A Great Board. My Son , Ex Hubby And 2 Of My Best Friends, And My Other Friends Husband Is Bipolar. It Took Over A Year And A Half, At Least 6 Psy Hospital Stays For Suicide, Homicide And Depression. He Is Now 16 But Bipolar Symtoms Started At 13 And I Just Thought It Was A Passing Thing Until He Put The Knife To His Neck And I Listened To Him. He Gained 80 Lbs On Risperdal, Depakote Combo But At Last He Is On Depakote, Abilify At Night And Prozac, Klonopin ( Only If He Extra Nervous ) In Morning. He Is Ok. Sometimes Now He Has A Bad Day But He Can Feel It And Talk To Me. His Sister My Daughter Adhd Drives Him Nuts And Edges Him But He Uses Tools He Learned From Therapists Over The Last 3 Years. He Still Sees Therapist Once A Week. Psy Every Four And I Call If I See Things Are Not Right Or He Tells Me They Are Not.
My Son Is On Depakote 1500mg Now Which My Psy Says Is A New Version Of Lithium. 3 Of My Bipol Friends Told Me Lithium Didnt Help And Their Docs Made Them Wait To See If It Works. The Hardest Thing I Ever Had To Do Is Commit My Son At 13 For Suicide And 14 For Homicidal Ideation And Another Time 15 1/2 For Attack My Nephew Smaller For Calling Him His Middle Name. He Went Away For 2 Weeks. Things We Think Are Small To Our Children And My Closest Bipolar Friends Are A Big, Yes Sometimes They Cant Deal. It Dont Matter What It Is Either I Used To Go Nuts When My Son Was Yelling Out Of Control, Breaking Doors And Picture Over What Color Pants To Wear. I Learned There Is No Quick Fix For This Illness And You Think You Feel Bad. My Son Afterwards BeatS Himself Up More Than I Could Ever Imagine. My One Friend Will Crawl In A Ball For Weeks And Not Answer Phones Or Her Door. I Think You Need To Call Her Psy Or Give Your Daughter That Idea. Its Not Sad About The Ipod, It Feels Sad Because We Cant Fix Our Kid. I Had To Resign From My Job To Get My Sons Medcombo. I Was Either In Psy Hospitals With Him Or He Was On Phone Saying Mom, Help Me Now. I Was Working 25miles Away. I Dont How I Am Doing It But I Have Been Home A Year. I Pray, Lets Be Honest I Been Yelling At God Why Me, It Is Not A Bad Thing. I Just Had To Take Day By Day. If My Son Says He Was Suicidal Or I See Him In A Ball And Cant Get Him Up For A Day, That Is When I Commit Him. My Son Is A Great Person And He Is Very Smart. Yes He Is Now Stable On Meds But Still Has A Bad Day Here And There. His Psy Said Meds After They Start Working, Are 50% And He Is The Other 50%. He Has Been In Therapy Since He Was 7. He Was Not Offically Given Right Meds Till 15 1/2.
In My Research, Which Keeps Me Sane, Lithium Like Depakote Is Only A Mood Stabizer. Also Per His Psy Doc. He Also Needed Abilify, It Helps Him Sleep And He Help The Nightmares. He Would Wake Ungodly Scared. He Also Has A Phobia When Around Alot Of People, Like School. So I Had To Fight For A Federally Funded Program, He Goes To High School For 2 Classes And We Have A Paid Teacher Come To House For 2 Classes. There Is Also A State Program Iep But His School Claims Since He Is Not Special Ed, He Dont Qualify. So I Know Also There Is Fed And State Money To Help Your Daughter After She Gets Stable. It Took Over 10 Docs My Son Found Right Meds, Either My Insurance Changed, Or He Wouldnt Go. At One Point I Had A Therapist Come To My Home For 9 Months.
I Know How Hard This Is For Any Person To Go Thru This With The People We Love The Most. You And I Are Lucky Our Kids Let Us Involved My Son Only 16 Could Of Stopped Me From His Med Records At 14 Yrs Old In Pennsylvania. But If He Dont Go To School, I Get Fined Till He Is 18. Please Hang In There And I Will Pray For You And Your Daughter. This Board Is Great No Matter Who You Are Bipolar Or Mom Of Or Whatever. Keep Posting.....
Mslainie.. Sorry If Long And Thanks For Listen To Me
EYES I am so sorry about your brother! that is so sad when people do not realize their own worth and give in to the lies that they are not good enough or whatever. (Right now I am trying to convince my friend not to take her life as well!) No one should do that, because it is totally not worth it, but when your in the midst of it maybe you cannot see that.

Well I have been on Lithium when I first was diagnosed in 2001 (I think I had it when I was 16 knowing what I do now, so that would be '96...) and I like, you, was bad with taking meds, and long story short got myself bankrupt a few yrs ago, when I was not stable a yr or so after I first got diagnosed well it takes a while to go through the lawyers and courts nevermind the bills catching up when you are unable to work. For me I find I am a nutcase when I work, so I am trying to freelance instead. graphic designer so I can do that from home, so hopefully....

Then a few yrs later (this will be about 3 yrs now almost) I have been on Depakote. I have found it works but I hate the side affects and in addition have always been on Klonapin. I hate that I shake and cant sit still and fidget, and have sleep issues to a large extent, and sometimes it makes me more depressed.
They tried me at first on Zoloft, then Paxil neither worked as it is BP not just depression. Last month or a bit before, the UK docs tried me on Prozac which made me flip out and it lasted for about a month on and off which is so unlike me, as I rarely get manic, and they have the nerve to ignore 7 yrs of bp diagnosis.
SO I am making them read ALL my doctors notes from the states. I am moving back once hubby gets a visa anyways so this is temporary but temp or not, I need to be stable and I am not!
So I have heard Lamictal is just as good perhaps better and some people on here swear by it, also maybe Tegetrol and Maybe Seroquel (Goody says her daughter works well with 2 of those, as does Tsohl's son (I have done my research and those would be the 3 I like the best if I get a choice!) we will see what the doc says ...

My mom has BP also, but is in denial, she was hospitalized when I was a teenager, and my brothers 2 kids (my nephews) have BP and ADHD so it must be a family thing for us! My moms sister has some sort of serious depression not sure if BP or just really unipolar depression but she has to stay in bed for weeks I think...

the thing is can you get meds that help you not have episodes (do type 1s have the episodes only or how would I know if I have them? because I think I have them but they are very short lived and you said you had 5 so I would think someone would get more with bp right?) Well my brother acts like a zombie he may be is on too much meds I can barely talk to him which is hard as he lives 4,000 miles away (or should I say I do since I moved not the rest of the family?) cant stay in MA forever way too cold!
I know he is on Geodon not sure what else, but there are 2 more pills. As you are seasoned about the BP stuff maybe you know if that affects someone differnent...
Funny after 7 yrs I should know more but was always switching docs (moving or insurance reasons) and when I did not have insurance they had some free health clinics in MA anyways I would go to a few and a few yrs ago before MA had a health reform I could get free health care for special circumstances including financial, and would see the regular pdoc, but fill the RX at one of the 'free clinics' so I could not always stay on it because it was quite a process going through all these forms each time and waiting for verification and waiting for the free clinic, then to the CVS or whoever they sent you too!

SORRY SO LONG! Liz sorry if you think I hijacked your post. You can have it back when you come back on and tell us any news!!!!