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Oh Vickie- wish I could tell you if it was menopause - I am 38 years old and not even thinking that way. Not yet - I have heard a lot about the depression - crying - moodiness and hotflashes that come with menopause - but still - don't think I am ready to go down that road.

No the falling down is not normal. I do know that hyper/hypo symptoms can cause a misbalance in your inner ear - I felt like I was unsteady - ran into walls and stuff - going through doorways - when my hyperthyroid was at its peak. But I do know that it is a terrible feeling to walk into a store and wonder if you are going to get that passing out feeling - and have to sit down in Aisle 8. While everyone is staring at you. But that was mostly from my anxiety level. Then once it happened - like I told you before - you get scared it will happen again - then poof - it does - so you get more scared - and poof it happens again - which makes you so scared you don't even want to go to the stores - but sometimes have to - so it is like this terrible circle you get yourself into. I think mind over matter comes in there some. This last time - I found going off and breathing deeply - reading labels on stuff - trying to get my mind off the "feeling" helped me out a great deal. But yes it does have "something" to do with anxiety.

Have they ever checked you for hypoglycemia? Low blood sugar. I had a friend who had that - and man - one minute she was fine - next - she was ready to pass out. She carried raisens - hard candies - juice with her at all times - it helped. She knew - that she had to get some sugar in her system right away -then she was fine.

Ten years ago - after I had my daughter and my Graves was at a peak time - and "no doctor bothered to tell me" - I went through the anti-depressant game. Started on Prozac - ended on Welbutrin - about 8-9 in between - non worked. Welbutrin was the absolute worse. I remember when the doctor gave it to me - he said - "you may feel a little funny on this one - but lets try it out" - yeh - I felt "a little" funny allright. But you know you have to "give those meds time to kick in - 8 weeks" - well I barely made it for the 3weeks I was on it and I called my doctor and told him I would never be back -and asked how to get off them. Slowly he told me - great!! So if I were you - I would - if your going to even try anti-depressants - stick with something that has been around forever - Prozac. I felt very little change - yet some - but not so much I thought I was completely losing my mind. Currently I am on 10mg Prozac a day and 3 .5mg of xanax a day. Doctor wanted to put me on a higher dosage of Prozac - but I refused. I told him - I will just play the mind game - "I am taking the meds - feeling better".

Vickie - when you see your doctor today - have them retest your tsh - free t3 and free t4 - have them check for antibodies and also ask to be checked for hypoglycemia - Write all this down and take it with you and demand he test you for this stuff. That is all I can think of to do. Like I said - can't help you with the menopause stuff - not yet - anyway - I hope!!!!

Let me know how the doctor visit goes. Good luck - hugs to you. Loretta
Vickie - oh my gosh hun - I looked for you all weekend. I knew you were going to the doctor and was anxious to here what they found out - and I even told my husband I was worried - I even thought that maybe they put you in the hospital to get you well. But - oh my gosh - do they know how dangerous it is to drop a person off xanax like that? I can not even believe they did that to you. That could have thrown you into seizures or worse. Unbelievable Vickie - oh hun - Big hugs to you right now.

When I was inpatient for my so called "post partum pyschosis" ten years ago - you look around the room and realize your not as sick as you thought. Ha ha - Don't ya? You fake a lot to get the heck out of there. I was signed in by a doctor - but luckily - "I was feeling soooooooo much better after 24 hours - gosh" - I got out of there and had to do one week outpatient therapy -8 hours a day for panic disorder. I still felt like crud - because well -I had GRAVES DISEASE. Not Panic disorder - maybe due to Graves - but - whatever. But - yes - being in Jail - I mean - Inpatient - makes you realize a few things. I am proud of you for being able to control everything like you did - oh sweetie - another super big hug to you. I was so worried. I kept checking to see if you had written me - like every hour - I was checking. My husband even said - "checking on Vickie" - I told him "Yes - I am worried".

OK - so your home - you wrote me - thank you - lets see what we do now. What is your insurance like Vickie? Do you have a good HMO? Like through your husbands work? I think - first did you write down what I had asked you to have your doctor test you for? I think it was down a post or two. I think we need to investigate some new doctors for you. Also please write down what I told you to have your doctor check you for. The test for Graves is TSI - that is the antibodies test. So write that down as well. You need to get all these test done - now. Either by the current doctor you have or by someone else. Did they start you on an anti-depressant? If not - then I would ask for something mild - tried and true -Prozac. Some of that other stuff messed with my head even more. Non of it ever worked anyway - and -it seems it always takes "8 weeks to truly see the outcome of how the medicine is working" - before they switch you to something new anyway.

I am going to do some investigating on my end - got my books finally and will be looking for something relating to you. You answer me - about your insurance and whether you have written down all the test I want you to have run. OK - DEAL?

Oh - gosh - hun - you wrote me at like two and I had just laid down for a nap - then my daughter came home - I have looked for you all weekend and here you were waiting for me -I am sorry. I am so sorry for what you last 72 hours were like. Amazing how strong you can become when faced with a challenge though - I am proud of you. I take it - you had xanax at home - hope you a feeling a little better right now. Please write me back - I am gonna go cook dinner - do some checking around - reading - and will be looking for your response constantly.

Oh - girlfriend - I am proud of how you did while inpatient - good for you Vickie - pull on that strength now too - we will get you better - I am here for you. Remember my promise - I will. Super big hug - super duper big hug.