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Hi Warmbreeze,
I just wanted to respond to your post because you sound exactly like my Mom was about 2yrs ago. I worried her sick for years. People would always get on her about her being to involved in my life and say that i needed to do these things on my own. But i look back and realize that if i didn't have to love me unconditionally and listen i don't know where i would be right now. She was SO happy when i found my husband and settled down and she could finally rest knowing that i was finally happy. I had been through some terrible times in my 20's and she just wanted me to be happy & at peace for once.
I am 31yrs old now & was diagnosed w/depression @ 15yrs. I started on Prozac and yrs. later it just wasn't working as well - so around 9yrs ago i was put on Celexa (same as Lexapro) and it worked great.
There were times since then that i questioned whether it was helping me as much as it used to. I've probably stopped taking Lexapro about 3 times and tried (Effexor, Zoloft, Cymbalta, Paxil, Wellbutrin) during those breaks & ended up back on it when i found that it had the least side effects FOR ME. But that is me & we are all chemically different.
It is hard for someone to tell you what will work for your daughter when each med. reacts differently in every person.

I hope that she did not stop Effexor abrubtly because i did this not knowing i was not supposed to and i went into a serious low and felt suicidal. If she has, then that is probably why she is so bad right now.

Unfortunately, finding a med. that has no side effects that is rare. But i have learned throughout the years that side effects are a small price to pay to be happy in life. :) Of course if the side effect is affecting your quality of life in a bad way, then it is not worth it.
But i have heard that Lexapro is supposed to have the least side-eff. But her happiness is more important than putting on a few pounds. And for the libido, i think every type has a chance of making it less. I know that i have less and even though it is frustrating, my husband understands. So will her boyfriend if he is meant to be.
Sometimes it is necessary to also do counseling of some sort w/med. I have had counseling on and off for years and it always helps me see things in a more positive light.
Lexapro does also treat anxiety as well as depression so maybe look into that. Does she have a dr. that she can talk with about her options?