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Hello mjmanus2006:wave: , it's me Kiba again!!! To answer your questions first, I do feel alot better on the anti-depressants after they kicked in (takes a couple of weeks for it to start working). Second, It made me a little more social but like Sannah said that is up to you to be social or not because it take time and an effort to become social. Please don't give up! Third, I have been on alot of anti-depressants but for me Prozac and Serzone are working great. On the other hand depressants work diffrently on each person so it may work for you or you may need to try something else. If you do go on a anti-depressant make sure to follow it to the teeth (means take it every time you are supost to or else it messes you up so no skiping pills or quiting even if you feel better unless told to by a doctor). If you have any other questions write me.

Your friend