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from about 6:30 to about 9:15 i went totally nuts, i mean i went wacko. it began suddenly like as if someone was filling a cup inside me full of hyperness. i ran up and down the stairs, i had an urge to write my doc then to capture it, what ive been trying to get across, it was hard getting upstairs keeping this one thing in mind, it sorta swayed all over the place. i ripped open the drawers and then jumped down the stairs, i rugby tackled the door, it swung back and hit the wall, then i dropped everything and swung around picked it up, threw the pen ahead of me and the paper and ran and dove onto the sofa. i began writing but my head was going to fast for my hand and it was thr randomest bunch of **** ever-theres something in there about me owning a duck once upon a time. so i write and wrote but its soo messy and hard to make out and bits are missing because my hand was just too slow. then my bro came home and i really scared him. i began by yelling at him to **** off while i was writing twice and going to throw everything at him.then i bounded out , ran up the staris like a weild horse and began banging on the bathroom door to get him out while singing or something, i yelled in his face when he opened it and began jumping up and down, then he asked what the hell was wrong with me in a serious tone and was genuinely concerned. so i bounded back down the stairs two at a time and began jumping and running about, then i lay on the kitchen floor and stuck my feet up and opened the grill with my feet while laughing hysterically. my brother was like'what in gods name is wrong with you', then i asked question after question not waiting for an answer, all unconnected and rubbish. i continied this for about 1 and a half hours, then i decided id walk/jog to the shop to get my pay to which i ignored people and talked crap and smiled and giggled to those who were listening and thought i was weird, i came back up and wrote all over the envelope i was suppsoed to use for my doc, it says crap on it. i went complteley nuts and now im back down and it only last 3 hours-what is wrong with me.

for the record im in treatment for depression, but prozac just sent me downward so now im on no meds and the psychs wont listen(read thread-are they stupid or something?!). this happend every few months, it used to happen more before the meds ever, but now not often, im mostly down all the time. one thing that i can think of is ive been starving since last thursday, but still why would i go this nuts?? its too much like the other times. im in a dilema now. since i wrote this letter to my doc, i was thinking should i hand it to her to show how i am when im like this, ive tried explaining but it hasnt been mentioned and seems to be a miniscule bit of my assessment. what should i do, i cant go like this, its embarressing if there was someone other than my brother. the letter may be embarressing and things in it never meant to let out-like about my starving,. but i cant help think its the only way theyll twig that something is up. please help, im soo confused.

thanks, xox