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Thanks Tsohl--
She also takes Prozac, I think I mentioned that, to cover the depressed states...and that does seem to work. and a small dose of seroquel for sleep, but at 25 mgs at night it's not all that therapeutic. I am just going to take it day by day. She says she misses her manias, but man, I do not as they were inevitably folllwed by the suicidal downswings. When she said she felt a mania coming on I swear I panicked bad....until the next day when it had passed and she was a little tired, was all. It is too soon to tell and she sees her pdoc today---he may adjust the dosage a little, but she does seem to be doing better. She's not in school and that is one huge stress to not deal with. But she's changed majors and hopefully this one is one she'll love--why she beat herself up to do pre-law is beyond me--she hated it. Now she's a botany major. Weird.