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Hi all,
I went to a new dr. this morning and he wouldn't even do any blood work! He is listed on the Armour site as a dr who prescribes Armour. Well, he doesn't. :eek: I thought maybe he would be a good source to help me get this mess straigntened up.
[COLOR="Blue"]Long story .... short .. I'm very unhappy with the endo I was going to. She wants to leave my meds at 30 mg of Armour even though I'm not feeling good. My goiter is getting bigger, but she doesn't want to see me for 6 months. Leave the prescription as is.
This new dr (who I won't be returning to) said that he wouldn't change the endo prescription for Armour and that 30 mg was the highest dose you could get for that. He wouldn't draw blood work and wanted to give me a new prescription for Prozac. He said that would take care of the tiredness I'm having. He doesn't believe in saliva tests as a montior of how the adrenals are doing. He said that compounding pharmacies are a rip-off. He said there is too much junk on the internet for people to find out about their health problems.
He was a very negative man! A real [COLOR="Red"]JERK! He was a complete waste of my time.
I'll keep the appt with the endo for Nov. unless I can find someone else to help me. I really hate to go to her again, but for now she's all I've got.
I'm so frustrated with all this. I know this takes time, but I'm tired of being tired. :yawn:
I hear ya! :dizzy: I don;t know how prozac would "fix" your energy problem. I had to resort to psychiatric meds because of my anxiety and depression before the hypo condition was diagnosed. Still very tired, but that is another dissertation entirely. I happened to mention tiredness to my psychiatrist, who i check in with every now and then since I haven't completely gone off the meds. She suggested wellbutrin, as it has a stimulating effect. I have never heard of prozac being suggested in the context your dr. did. If anything, it would make you more tired. ( I have tried it)

But, I suppose he believes that your fatigue is either imaginary, or depression- related....the usual response. Hello? what about the thyroid?????

Anyway, when I see drs, I have decided to bring along, or quote from, real medical journals. If I find a fact of interest in the general internet readings, I will try to confirm it by reference to medical journals I find through further searching. Even if there is only a synopsis, often the article will contain enough info for me to understand the study and the conclusions.

My drs in past times, have sighed or rolled their eyes :dizzy: whenever I start to say "well, I read...." They cut you off there thinking you are about to spout idiot web nonsense about your condition, or add to it, with hypochondriac ramblings.

Finally, all that aside, a dr who won't draw blood in order to have clinical look at your situation is ridiculous and IMO should hardly be called a dr. :mad: