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DavinoPA -

I really don't have too much pain either and my tests are definitely positive so I wouldn't worry about the test results. As a lot of people here can probably tell you, a "negative" result doesn't mean too much if the symptoms are there - like you have mentioned.

I have major fog right now. I don't even like to drive much because I don't feel safe doing it. I feel dizzy a lot too and can be REALLY irritable too. Sometimes I can do some work in my yard and not feel too bad and other times I get sick just going to the grocery store or some other minor activity.

I started getting headaches lately too. Sometimes so badly it is incredible and other times it is just a bit a pressure in my head. I have night sweats where I am drenched one minute and then the chills the next.

Tracy - both my wife and I have been on Paxil at one time or another - it does make you really lethargic. We are both on Prozac now and doing well. She doesn't have Lyme (thank God!)

I think the fatigue and feeling crappy is enough to get anyone really down. Depression is another symptom of Lyme too....

We have a 1 year old and a 3 year old (boys). Sometimes I have to "hide" upstairs because I am in such a nasty mood and so irritable. My wife is a SAINT......

Take care all, Andy