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I know --i am being patient but this is crazy. One thing that I did not let al of you know is that the Dr. really wanted me to start Prozac. I had cancer about 10 years ago and thats is when all this pill crap started. I had a few bouts with depression and was to "ego" to admit that I needed meds. I am still stubborn. So now I am starting to realize that I have self medicated all these years for that one specific problem. Crazy. I have never had a substance abuse problem in my life. I never tried anything in high school. I drank every now and then and tried pot a few times, but it never did anything for me. I was scared to death of HARD drugs and still am. That is the truth. After cancer, I couldnt sleep very well and that is VERY important to me. I had a few extra pills from a dental work and they helped me sleep. That was 4 years ago. I realize that I am an addict. I am not denying that, but it is really interesting how I have never had addicitve tendoncies towards anything else, excluding exercise. I gave in and have been taking the prozac for 2 days. I just hope it doesnt numb my energetic OLD self. I want so badly to be Super fit and strong again. These damn pills have taken that away from me this time. --thanks for reading the long rant. Peace.

S/S (keep fingers crossed) lightheaded and that is it! no stomach issues (thanks to immodium) no rls,or discomfort in body, just a little soreness.