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If you spend enough time here, you will read alot of stories about how we hypo people sought psychiatric help because of anxiety and depression and were later discovered to be hypo. The medical literature is quite clear on the point that thyroid dysfunction is associated with mood disorders, cognitive problems, and changes in affect. There is also a body of psych literature discussing the role of T3 (one thyroid hormone) in depression...and some studies discuss supplemening with T3 as a treatment protocol. I also read somethings about hashimotos (autoimmune hypo) and anxiety - something to do with the autoantibodies and anxiety. Any psychiatrist worth his/her salt usually has the thyroid tested in patients who present with psych problems. The difficulty is, that they, like many mainstream drs, are not aware of the newer guidelines (.3-3.0 TSH) and often don't recognize thyroid that some problems arise even in subclinical situaitons.

I struggled with anxiety for nearly a decade before I was diagnosed. Looking back at my records, it was very clear my thyroid was elevated...but they were using the older ranges and maybe were typically too eager to ascribe my anxiety to other causes. I ended up, as many others have, being treated with anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. Strangely, the minute you mention anxiety to a dr, they are ready with the prescription pad to give you a psych meds, which are actually quite dangerous, and not willing to entertain any other causes, i.e. thyroid.

I recently learned that antidepressants of the SSRI variety (Prozac, paxil, lexapro) actually affect the thyroid hormones, in particular decreasing the T3. So, as I learned, and no dr ever told me, I was sort of defeating the purpose of my hypo treatment while still taking my anti depressants.

I had many depersonalization moments in my life, and they were clearly caused by my clinical anxiety, which had nothing to do with me per se.....like not trying hard enough with behavioural therapy to "manage anxiety", but had all to do with my hypothyroidism.

After being treated with levothyroxine (t4), at 75 mcg, much of the anxiety decreased. I stopped having these episodes. Some could say, well it was your anti depressants that stopped the episodes. Well, yes it may have, but I have cut back to a very minimal level, way below treatment levels, and still none of these episodes have ever returned.

I am by no means back to my old self, but I would give the treatment some time. I guess you are still at a low level of thyroid hormone since you just started treatment? You need time and likely a larger dose. Plus, down the road, you may need to fine tune your levels with T3 (cytomel) or switch over to Armour, which I am just starting to do (day 1:)

If you want to go to a counselor, why not? You can vent, and have a resource to excuse your inability to perform in school at the moment. Just don't let them put you on meds for your anxiety etc, until you have given the hypo treatment a chance. I felt insane before, becasue I did not understand what was happening to me. Now, that I have my answer, that I was not crzay, just hypo, and understand what is needed to optimize my hypo treatment, I can deal with any bumps in the road with less upset. Just read as much as you can about the condition, treatment and other people's experiences - you are your own best advocate. I listened too long to drs without question, and boy, do I regret the lost years!

You have friends here :wave: