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Ok--My 20 YO Daughter has bee on 300 mgs of Lithium and 10 mgs of Prozac and maybe, just maybe this is the lucky combo. Not to sound negative, but you all know what I mean--it could change without a moment's notice AND since she currently isn't in school it's not the best time to judge.
My question: should she be having her blood levels checked? I went with her to the 1st pdoc appt when she was put on Lithium and the pdoc likely mentioned this but I could tell he didn't think she'd like Lithium, but, surprise, she does, and so now if she needs blood tests, she is going to have one huge fit. She is enormously phobic of needles, & would lie to me about needing the blood test. (I will call pdoc to find out the truth).
What does a blood test measure? I am thinkng the level of salt in her blood as Lithium is a salt? trying to remind her to drink more water---but she does, as always, her own thing. In another post I'd mentioned she's still really messy, but that really is just her--she's a very 'organized' messy--and a big, big reason she's so messy at home is that she is moving in a few weeks and sees no reason to keep the room she's "occupying" clean. I guess I don't see her messiness as a sign of BP as she has always been messy, as were all of her sisters--until they miracualously fell in love and married and that somehow turned them into clean freaks.
Right now I just need some education about the blood tests with Lithium--
Goody and Jules are right on about the importance of serium lithium blood tests. Lithium's dosage and how to take lithium is all about your blood serum levels. The therapeutic level is somewhere between 0.6 and 1.2. Most pdocs will take into consideration your age, weight, previous history with medications (if any), and the degree of your manic moods. On the avg.600mg to 900mg would be a starting dose. In general a blood level of 0.8 to 1.0 is good...if mood swings tend to be stabilizing. Oh, I have read that combining Prozac (fluoxetine hydrochloride) and lithium can cause unpredictable serum levels. You may want to varify this with your pdoc.

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