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It just makes me mad that I felt awesome on Armour for a week and a half and it wore off. I dont know if it was because I had 88mcg of synthroid still in my system, so the high dose made me feel good or what. But I have ruled everything out known to man. I am not even kidding........ EKG's MRI's MRH's, two GTT's, Sleep Studies, Adrenal Fatigue, Candida Test, Colonoscopy for CELIAC, Parasites, and IBS, Depression which delayed my thyroid diagnosis. Been on Prozac, zoloft, luvox, wellbutrin before thyroid treatment. Neurologist ruled out everything on her side. Did a memory test which I passed with flying colors only because I upped my T3 (cyotmel) and my mind was awesome. That by the way wore off. I was 22 when this all hit me. It has completely ruined my life. I am 25 now and still trying to find the light. I just dont see why someone should have to suffer every single day. These waiting for a month to up my dose or even check it is beyond ridiculous. It sooooooo punishing. I am on 90 mg right now which is a grain and a half. I know its not right but I up my dose myself. Of course I take it slowly. I took my 90mg and cut it in 1/4 and added it two my whole pill. Waited a week and then I took a pill and a half. It doesnt give me any reaction at all like it did when I first started it. Sorry Im complaining..... just watching my life pass me by, day by day.