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You need to have your adrenals tested with a 24 hr saliva test. Most of your lingering symptoms sound adrenal. The test they did for addison's will not pick up adrenal fatigue.

Once again another doc pushing the anti-depressants instead of trying to figure out why his patient is still ill. But wait........that would take a little more of his precious time.

Sorry to sound so harsh, I am just sick and tired of docs pushing anti's on people who are clearly "depressed" because they are sick and nobody is helping them. I had it happen to me as well early on when I kept begging for thyroid help and I knew my health was going down the drain. Got xanax and prozac thrown at me. Trashed the prozac script but had to use the xanax on occassion just to keep my sanity while I continued to try and get help for my thyroid. Of course by then from being untreated for so long it was thyroid and adrenal problems as well as severe candida....oh, and add mono to that list as well.

Hang in there, hope your next appt. with your doc goes better.