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Hello there!
What you describe does sound very much like OCD. If it causes you distress, it is not just a habit. You say you want to stop it, but "can't".
The nagging feeling that you get, the fear that something bad might happen if you don't do something - that's the obsession.
The "doing it" is the compulsion.

The problem with OCD is, that doing the compulsion/ritual actually strengthens the OCD in the long run. It gets harder and harder to stop, right?That is why the way to treat it is to NOT do the compulsion - this is done with cognitive-behavioral therapy. You start with something that doesn't cause much anxiety, and then work yourself up to the "scarier" things.

Medication is also used, as you probably know. Often medication and therapy are used in combination.

If you are suffering, if you are in disteress, if this thing prevents you from having a happy life - try to get help. I suffered with OCD for many many years, first not knowing what it was, then kind of knowing but still not really ready to do anything against it... Finally I got on prozac and did the right kind of therapy and it really did help.

Not doing the compulsion causes anxiety. But that anxiety is temporary. It will NOT go on forever 8even if it feels like it!!!) By letting the anxiety go wayyyy up and then go down again by itself, that's how you beat OCD with behavioral therapy.

Do you have any health insurance? Could you talk to somebody?

Best to you, and remember, you are not alone. Definitely not.