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Sometimes it seems that way, doesn't it? Money really drives this world, and when the drug companies, insurance companies, healthcare system, and the government all have their own motivations stemming from money, political pressure and the potential this disease has to be very expensive and/or very profitable depending on which side you stand on, it really puts some strange twists on what takes place.

For example, long term antibiotics can be outrageously expensive for insurance companies, especially if they actually acknowledge the number of people who truly have lyme. They are going to fight that to the very end. On the other hand, drug companies love to make new medications that cost tons of money, but they make so much more if we just keep treating the myriad symptoms rather than address the root of the problem. Why deal with lyme when you can tell people they actually need to treat restless leg syndrome, depression, raynaud's, hashimotos, addisons, erectile disfunction, insomnia, etc. and take a separate medication for each one for the rest of your life. Of course, we actually do have all those things, but they are not diseases, they are symptoms.

And then there's the government. I'm not anti-government by any means, so don't get me wrong. But money, lobbyists, and the small but powerful minority are what moves them, and they are not going to pour their time and research into a disease that is "limited to a few towns in Northeast Connecticut." And as long as they keep believing that, we are not going to get very far.

Look at all the lies the doctors still believe. Some say the tick has to be imbedded for at least twenty four hours, even though that has been proven time and again not to be true. Some say that you cannot pass lyme to your unborn child, but Dr. Jones (the leading pediatric lyme doctor in the country) has seen over four hundred cases just in his own office of children who were born with it. Some doctors still say that if you don't get the rash, you don't have lyme. Or they believe that you can get better with a week of doxy, and if you're not better you must have something else.

Then you go home with this sickness and you say the doctors must be wrong, and everyone else says but he's the doctor, so now you must be the crazy one. And the prozac, paxil, zoloft prescriptions start.

Conspiracy? Probably not. Problems? Absolutely. After so many decades living with lyme I know one thing, it's very hard to get well if you don't keep you brain on, pay attention, and be your own advocate.