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I also have big-time ED. I've taken Prozac and Luvox with absolutely no weight gain (I need to gain and am working on it, but can't tolerate it being forced on me by a med).
Meds can help a whole lot, as can therapy. Takes time and work, but as you point out, you're miserable the way you are.
Also, beginning a job is terribly stressful for anyone, much less people like us with our rigid schedules. I am working on changing my eating w/therapist (it's compulsive, what else?) and it is getting easier each time. It does get easier. I find it helps if I prepare myself ahead of time, telling myself - Look, this will be uncomfortable, feel impossible...but I will try and know that it will become easier.
Under the stress of a new job alone, you have your hands full. Do you have professional help?

Wish I could say something that would help. You are not alone.
Good luck.