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HI Post-It,

Just curious, what's an OCD episode compared to a thought? Because I can soo relate to how you feel when your OCD episode happens. But I just thought it was the thought taking over my life. You said word for word how I felt for a really long time "But when an OCD "episode" happens, it feels like it pops up out of nowhere, my mind is filled with thoughts 24/7, I'm anxious, can't function at work, and am basically useless in life because all I can do is lay in bed and be tortured by my thoughts."

I've been on prozac for over a month and that has lifted the fog.

when you said "It feels like a physical change happens. Then, it will lift after some time, and I return to "normal." It really feels like a fog lifts and the world is clear to me again.", does this happen on its own, do you take meds or what techniques do you do to dissolve the thoughts. I'm always looking for techniques to calm me down.

You're not alone!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I am currently having an obsessive episode that came out of no where. (DOn't they always seem to do that.) This thread has helped me calm down and remember once again that the thoughts are just thoughts -- nothing more, nothing less. I've been on prozac for two months and it has helped immensely, this is my first episode in weeks.....now maybe I can let it go.