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Hi everyone! just wondering what happens when a person is experiencing mania doesn't know it, and starts taking prozac? will this fuel the mania or bring them down
Hi Distroyed...

For myself Prozac fueled my mania even more, that was the time I got hospitalized... I felt like I could run through a wall and not even get hurt. I was pacing through my whole house, it was horrible. I would go out with my friends and just be all over the place... If someone pissed me off I flip, it was a really bad time! Couldn't stand being in my own skin, I wanted to die!
she switched Dr's and the new dr doesn't think she has BP and neither does she. He thinks she has depression with anxiety. I doubt the new dr's know the whole story. I have noticed her do a 180 in the past couple of days and it's like talking to a 15 year old she is not rational and I can see it in her eyes again. something isn't quite right.
I found out today that she is going to pick up a script for Prozac. of course I cant prove anything but my guess is she is already on her way up again and the prozac is going to make things worse. I guess it doesn't matter because she asked to borrow $250 from me so she could go file for divorce today. She said she is done with me ruining her life. I tried yesterday to explain that she may not be thinking quite right (how else can I word it)
she told me I was psyco and the sound of my voice mad her mad.
I explained that this was a lot like how she was last year when she admits she was i'll. she said BLA! BLA! BLA! I broke another cell phone! ooops!
Dee-Nah She is currently taking Trazodone and is going to start Prozac. she also has clonopins, but only takes as needed
I am falling apart I started having bad panik attackes again, but Im going to see my dr. Mon about it.

Tshol I thought she was just bluffing like befor, so I sent an e-mail telling her she could transfer the $ to her account
her reponse was OK, Thank you so looks like she's gonna do it. I wonder if she will regret it.
Thank you for your recognition of my efforts too bad the one person those efforts were for doesn't see it