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Well--I went outside and worked my tail off in frustration thru yardwork (which I love, but not when it's approaching 100) but first I woke up the little crankpot and forced her to take her meds and drink 12 oz of water. She went back to sleep. When I came back in, she was up but acting very weird--so I had her come into my office with me and together we read about Lithium toxicity symptoms--voila!! That's what's wrong with her today, probably last night too. She just does not like to drink plain water, only sodas, coffee & tea. I told her she was going to have to learn. Made her drink 12 more oz in my presence and we discussed ways she could tolerate water. Add crystal lite packets to bottled water, low sugar gatorade, iced tea occasionally, NO MORE HUGE COFFFEES!!!! She admits she only urinates twice or three times a day....yeah, it's annoying to go eight or nine times a day but she has to stay hydrated!! AND she has to stay on her med regimen and on her sleep regimen. It does not help that her work is not air conditioned, just one really anemic swamp cooler (for you folks not in the west, these are known as evaporative coolers and work pretty well unless we get the odd humid day-not common in Utah)--so she is very hot at work all day. She has fallen off her hospital learned routine really fast, but felt so good on it---arrrrrgh. She took a sick day, since she has to rehydrate and that is impossible at work.

She's on Lithium 300mgs twice a day and Prozac, 30mgs in the am. Also, 300 mgs of Seroquel at night, for sleep. I take 25 mgs to sleep and boy, do I. I cannot imagine what 300 would do to me. The Lithium/Prozac combo does seem to work--but she is inconsistent and that makes me mad because she has to be consistent. Yesterday's blowup at her ex was proof to me that she's still so far from being ok. Her ex is best friends with the couple she still hopes to share and apt. with come fall--she must not think the kids talk and that he'll most definitely tell them she's still unstable! I cannot bear thinking that she will be living with us through this semester of school. But I can't bear thinking of her not being where I can keep my eagle eye on her. You all know what I am talking about.......crud. I am going to take a shower and clean the family room. She went to see a movie, since she has a rare day off. What would THAT be like? (Wry laughter)
But hey, we have cenntral air and my basement is freezing--I LOVE it down there!