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I need to find a good Endo - (understatement) Maybe it was my imagination but my family doc seemed a little put off that I was asking for the actual test results. The numbers. He just wanted to call and say "normal on high side" etc....

Plus I think the whole increasing my Prozac dose is wrong. I have had these issues for years and been on a myriad of anxiety/depression pills. I doubt at this point increasing a pill 20mg higher is going to matter. This is about the 10th different pill I have been on since 1999.

I am going to look for an Endo who has his own practice. I have found that doctors who have their own office and not work for a hospital or large clinic seem to treat you better.

Thanks for your help.

I just wonder if this doctor thinks the Prozac increase will raise my body temo from 96, keep me from loosing tons of hair, keep my hands from tingling and make the damn muscle aches in my legs go away.
I'm new here and I'm certainly learning a lot from reading. I just started meds (Levoxyl) today to treat hypo (TSH 5.2, but lots of symptoms). I, too, have been on many meds over the years to treat anxiety. Currently, I'm on 150 mg of Zoloft, but would LOVE to be free of SSRI's at some point in my life. I went from Prozac, to Zoloft, to pack-it-on Paxil, to Lexapro, to Effexor and back to Zoloft. Is it possible that, once my hypo is properly addressed, that I will no longer need the anxiety meds? Thanks!